Letter from the President

5 Sep

I received the following email from Nancy Keenan, President of NARAL Pro-Choice America:

Gov. Palin had a good applause line last night about hockey moms and lipstick on pitbulls. Well, we have an expression here, too: Dress it up any way you like, but the McCain-Palin rhetoric about women’s freedom and privacy is nothing more than lipstick on a pig!

John McCain and Sarah Palin would leave American women with no choice and no privacy. And we can’t let voters be deceived. Not when reproductive health is on the line. And make no mistake, it is!

When you take away the rhetoric, chants, signs, and spin — the McCain-Palin ticket is one of the MOST anti-choice campaigns we’ve seen and the platform on which they are running is the most anti-choice ever put forward.

Quite right…it’s terrifying!! And of course, you don’t actually hear this in their speeches b/c they know it would turn away the voters they’re attempting to get by taking on a woman VP pick. For proof, here’s another lovely McCain quote (be prepared):

John McCain on NBC’s, Meet The Press, 1/30/00

Mr. Russert: “A Constitutional Amendment to ban all abortions?”
McCain: “Yes Sir”
Mr. Russert: “But, Senator, women across the country would say, prior to Roe v. Wade, hundreds of thousands of women a year went to the back alleys to have abortions.”
McCain responded: “I understand that.”
Mr. Russert: “Many died.”
McCain, “I understand that.”



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