Sexual violence education…for men

16 Nov

The Star Tribune had a great article in the Sunday paper last week and I wanted to share it with everyone. Minnesota State colleges are focusing heavily on educating men about rape and sexual violence, and teaching them how to stand up for women. It’s the change we’ve been needing to see for years!!!

Here’s an excerpt:

Instead of teaching women not to walk alone at night or to carry Mace, some colleges are trying something much harder — changing college men. 

It’s a great article – definitely check it out!

Coming up: The decline in abortion in recent movies and perhaps a little something about harmful advertisement for women.


One Response to “Sexual violence education…for men”

  1. Ashkir January 8, 2011 at 3:15 am #

    Around my city we’ve been seeing posters coming up lately that read “Men can stop rape.” With weird but effective slogans like “After I paid for the movie and date, she didn’t owe me.”

    Here’s an example of four of their posters going about:

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