Did women really get a bump during the “he-cession”?

10 Jan

I read an interesting article by MinnPost today that poses the question, “Are the effects of the ‘he-cession’ on women and the job market over-hyped?” The authors make the claim that, although more men became unemployed during the recession and women appear to have gained in other areas (i.e., graduate student ratios, primary breadwinner of family), women still aren’t winning in the job market game. I agree; in fact, the following excerpt sums it up nicely:

For virtually every statistic suggesting that women are gaining influence, other facts suggest such gains remain incremental and that men will rebound with the economy. Meanwhile, women still struggle with many of the same old challenges — a severe wage gap, tension between work and family responsibilities, and a glass ceiling keeping them from the highest-level jobs.

There are also some great charts that illustrate those issues, such as:

Wage gap grows with children in the home

Wage gap grows with children in the home 

Source: Status of Women and Girls in Minnesota, June 2010, University of Minnesota Humphrey Institute’s Center on Women and Public Policy, in partnership with the Women’s Foundation of MinnesotaNote: The column on the left shows median earnings in dollars for full-time year-round workers 16 years old and over in Minnesota in 2008. The numbers under the bar charts indicate the number of children in the family.

Oh, but our work in equality between men and women is done, right?


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