Thoughts on Rep. Giffords

10 Jan

I cannot even begin to accurately express how troubled my thoughts are regarding the shooting of Rep. Gabrielle Giffords. Every time I think about it, my head fills with questions.

How could this have happened?

How could someone so devoted to helping other people be targeted so mercilessly?

How could someone think that was justified?

Since when it is acceptable to have campaigns that actively target opponents with GUNS, even in “jest”?

Why would you get a top-of-the-top defender for someone who killed six people and shot a member of Congress in the head?

Not trying to point fingers or place blame, but how much more reaction would the shooting of a conservative have gotten?

How much more is coming? How many more people are going to die senseless deaths?

I look at the “politically motivated” deaths that have occurred in recent years – Christina Green, Dorothy Morris, Judge John M. Roll, Gabriel Zimmerman, Dorwan Stoddard, Phyllis Schneck; Dr. George Tiller; Dr. John Bayard Britton; James Barrett; and many, many more. Regardless of who’s at fault, I think America needs to take a hard look – and then TAKE ACTION – at the political repercussions that are boiling just under the surface of our nation. Do not create a campaign encouraging violence. Accept your defeat or your win appropriately. Understand that people have different beliefs and maybe that’s not such a bad thing. Encourage peace and justice and choice and freedom. Isn’t that what our nation is supposed to be about?

For updated information on Rep. Giffords and the case, check out The Huffington Post’s coverage:


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