Pregnant Women Park Free?

24 Jan

A new law was recently proposed in NYC that would allow pregnant women to park virtually anywhere in the city, for free.  I can’t decide if I am offended, or proud.  I have already noticed certain areas around where I live (such as malls), creating parking spaces specifically for those who are pregnant or have families.  I always grumble when those are the only parking spaces open, and I have to park a half-mile away because I am not “with-child”.  But what if I was pregnant?  Would I appreciate these spaces?  As this article points out;

“Granting parking privileges to a woman who is eight months pregnant and barely able to walk seems like a nice thing to do. My fear is that something like this fuels the 1950s idea that pregnant women are incapable and disabled. There’s already so much discrimination against pregnant women–especially in the workplace–and if anything pregnant women need to let the world know that we’re fully capable”

It’s obvious that women struggle enough as it is to be viewed as equal to men, but then being pregnant?  We have all heard the horror stories of women being let go from their jobs for being pregnant (despite that this is illegal in most states).  Some of us have even experienced this, or know others who have.  So the question is, does providing this “service” of parking anywhere, for free, when pregnant truly help women, or does it hinder us?  It’s a good question, and one I can’t easily answer, but it definitely gets me thinking.


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