We know it’s rape

1 Feb

It has come to my attention that in the midst of all the tweeting and absolute horror of HR3 that I didn’t blog about it! So just what is going on? H.R. 3 is actually an anti-abortion bill put forth by anti-choicers. It basically bans any federal funding for abortions, and let’s be honest, we knew that was coming. Typical anti-choice crap. And let us just point this quote out:

“When there’s no public subsidy for abortion, the number of abortions drop by about 25 percent,” [Chris] Smith said, citing right-to-life movement research.

Yes, because the women are all taking incredibly dangerous steps to ensure their choices matter, like using hangers or lye. Yay for dropping the abortion count and raising the death count!

But where does rape come into play? In the part where the bill pushers want to make the Hyde Amendment pass. Which is one of the most anti-woman agendas in the history of this country. It redefines rape. H.R. 3 only provides exemptions for coverage if the pregnancy results from “an act of forcible rape or, if a minor, an act of incest.”

No, it doesn’t matter if you were drugged, if you were date raped, if you had two sips of a drink at a party, if you can’t prove that your dad/brother/uncle/boyfriend/friend/stranger touched you in ANY sexually inappropriate manner. They don’t care. They’re too blinded by their own misguided “mission” to destroy the women of America.

What do we do?

We know what rape is. We know that it’s rape if you’ve been talked to sexually in a way that makes you uncomfortable, if you’ve been touched inappropriately, fondled, or forced to have intercourse. We know that it’s rape if you had a sip to drink, if you were completely drunk, if you were sober. We know that it’s rape if the offender was a stranger, your dad, your brother, your friend, your boyfriend. We know it’s rape when you’re flailing, when you can’t move, when you’re motionless because you’re too scared and shocked to move. We know it’s rape when YOU DON’T CONSENT. Period.

SPEAK OUT! Call your legislators. Make waves on Twitter and Facebook. Do whatever you can to stop this. Because this is truly unthinkable. And it’s out there.

Read the bill: http://www.govtrack.us/congress/billtext.xpd?bill=h112-3


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