Who needs that whole equal pay thing anyway?

9 Feb

You may have noticed that I tend not to mention personal things about myself, but the time has come to reveal that I live in Minnesota. The reason that time has come is because Minnesota GOP, backed by the Minnesota Chamber of Commerce, wants to repeal the Pay Equity Act.


But you know, I’m sure they’re right. I’m sure those pesky feminists are just bothersome and there’s no real need for that silly equity thingy. What a jiggumbob law!

Wait…yes, there is a need. According to research in TIME, Newsweek, and other reputable sources, women still earn .77 to every $1.00 that a man makes. There are many reasons why this may be true, but you can’t deny that at least part of it has to do with the misogynistic belief that women shouldn’t be working, can’t work as well as men, or shouldn’t be compensated wholly for their work.

.77 to every $1.00. Do some research, GOP, before you decide to make hasty and ridiculous claims about the wage gap. Oh wait, trying to take action against women is what you do (see HR3, Comprehensive Abortion Reform Act, or read the article, “9 New Laws in the GOP’s War Against Women“).

Think about it – how many single mothers do you know? How many married couples survive on just the wife’s income? This is unacceptable. America should not be a place of prejudice, but it seems like that’s all we understand.

Jen Kaltveit of the Minnesota Women’s Consortium wrote the following statement in her “Equal Pay? No Way!” blog post that I believe sums it up perfectly: “[The issue of equal pay] is a problem that has manifested because of pervasive social attitudes that devalue women.”

THIS IS STILL A PROBLEM. Speak up about it!!

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