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Lovers/Haters: Toronto SlutWalk

8 Apr

Today our Lovers/Haters are related. First, the Hater.

Hater: Const. Michael Sanguinetti

This member of the Toronto Police force had the audacity to speak out loud what many rape victims face every day – he blamed the rape victims at York University for dressing too provocatively. To quote, Sanguinetti said, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” Yes, I raged at that comment like any intelligent woman would. The best (read: worst) part? Sanguinetti admitted before saying it that he was told not to say that. How stupid is this guy? The REAL best part was the outpouring retaliation that has come to play as a result…

Lovers: Toronto SlutWalk

SlutWalk is an amazing march that started as a result of our hater’s comments. The march was designed to draw attention to the slut terminology, how women are viewed, and rape culture in general. Students and staff of York University and others in the community are demanding an apology and punishment for dumbass Sanguinetti for his actions. Protesters are also stressing the importance of sexual assault training for police force so that cops are better able to handle any situations appropriately.  I particularly love seeing the signs in some of the photos shown, such as:

Seriously, can we start a SlutWalk here??

Read more:
Toronto march to redefine ‘slut’
Pellett: Women Are Never “Asking for it”
Resistance, Language, and the Toronto SlutWalk
(this sociological article discusses the usage of the word “slut” and the protest in general – very interesting!)


Lovers/Haters: Love, love, love

1 Apr

There are a few lovers I want to acknowledge this week, and to be honest, I didn’t feel like thinking about all of the negativity surrounding women’s rights today. Today we are going to celebrate women!

“Women are not a commodity to be haggled over or bartered with. Their bodies, their reproductive rights are theirs and theirs alone!

The GOP and its allies have no fucking authority over what a woman can and cannot do with their bodies.

Women are not property. Women are not slaves. They are human beings–just as us men are!”

This blog post came through my reproductive rights Google alert today and I almost missed it. Thankfully I read the fine print because it’s a great post! My favorite thing about it? It’s written by a feminist male. I love when feminist males speak up about these kinds of issues! I love my ladies, but I have to admit, sometimes it feels like an us vs. them argument, which not only creates unmovable sides but ignores other genders as well. Check it out – it’s a great rant.

“By simply helping preserve their personal records, we can make sure our veterans have the care they need while supporting justice for assault victims.”

Senators Amy Klobuchar (D-MN), Susan Collins (R-ME), Lisa Murkowski (R-AK), and Claire McCaskill (D-MO) introduced a bill called the Support for Survivors Act to assist victims of sexual assault in the military. The bill would require the military to keep all evidence of sexual assaults committed on servicemembers instead of destroying them and sweeping the issue under the rug. It may not be much, but it’s certainly a start to acknowledging this consistent issue (which I wrote about here).

“To all the women out there with inconvenient dreams, never stop dreaming and never stop fighting.”

I love this post by Abortion Gang (see the blogroll link as well!). It discusses why she uses birth control and why she would choose to have an abortion if her birth control failed. It’s a wonderful post that discusses that nasty “convenience” claim that anti-choicers love to make.

Any lovers you want to highlight?

Lovers/Haters: South Dakota (and others) and The City of Love

25 Mar

Haters: South Dakota government

Let’s be honest – South Dakota conservatives have been trying to pass anti-choice legislature for years – but this is the first time they’ve actually been successful. Not only were they successful, they passed a law that is unprecedented since Roe v. Wade – forcing a woman to wait 72 hours and undergo counseling before allowing her to have an abortion. And by “counseling,” I mean undergo shameful outright lies at the hands of severely anti-choice, vitriolic “counselors” at crisis pregnancy centers (CPCs) – who were called out recently for their lies. In fact, New York City passed a bill stating that all CPCs must disclose exactly what they offer – meaning they can no longer lie about offering abortion options or any false tactics to convince unsuspecting women to come in and get shamed by hypocrites. Oh yeah, those seem like reliable sources. South Dakota = EPIC FAIL.

Planned Parenthood will be suing the state for violation of constitutional rights.

Read more: South Dakota Passes Tougher Regulations on Abortions

Or you could read this entirely misinformed article (just the title shows the writer’s ignorance): South Dakota Abortion Law Empowers Women

Honorable mentions go to Nebraska, Idaho, Kansas, and Alabama for all enacting bans on abortion in some way. Keep drinking of the haterade.

Lovers: New York City

I know this happened last week, but I’m still feeling the love! As mentioned above, New York legislators signed a bill that forces CPCs to have truth in advertising – all centers must now explicitly state on any advertising and on their websites exactly what services they provide. Sad day for CPCs, since they can no longer now pretend like they provide all reproductive choice options under false pretenses. *tear* Mayor Michael Bloomberg was quoted that he’s against abortion, but supports a woman’s right to choose. That’s the basic idea of pro-choice – nobody likes abortion. No, really. Nobody.

Read more: New Law Means Extra Scrutiny For Crisis Pregnancy Centers In NYC

Journal study published on CPCs: Deception, Lies, and Manipulation: Behind Crisis Pregnancy Centers

Lovers/Haters: Kansas and Senate

11 Mar

Per usual, there has been more hate than love for women going around lately – here’s the tops for this week.

There has been a lot of hate going on lately, especially surrounding abortion. Here’s one that I thought was particularly ridiculous:

Haters: Kansas

Kansas “Mega Bill” Would Deny Non-Profit Status to Abortion Providers

On National Day of Appreciation for Abortion Providers, no less. Seriously? Anti-choicers, can’t you just go away?? That’s just ridiculous. You look at one thing that you don’t agree with and so obviously the entire organization must be punished. Planned Parenthood provides some abortions – well, that means that their years of providing low-income women with pap smears, birth control, and education is a waste! Sinners! A nonprofit hospital provides an abortion – forget about their life-saving surgeries and years of caring for sick! Hellfire for them!

Shut up. Seriously, just shut up.

Thankfully (yes, I saved the better for last)…

Lovers: U.S. Senate

Senate Blocks Anti-Choice Push; States Keep It Up

I’m not going to lie – I was a teensy bit worried that the Senate wouldn’t come through on this for us. I thought they would, but the fear was there. I don’t think I need to say what could have happened if the bill had passed. I’ll let Nancy Keenan of NARAL speak for me:

“We commend fair-minded senators for rejecting the anti-choice House leadership’s efforts to defund Planned Parenthood and dismantle the nation’s family-planning centers,” said Nancy Keenan, president of the Washington-based NARAL Pro-Choice America, in a press statement following news of the vote.

We do, too! Thank you, Senate!!

Anti-choice legislation is still being pushed in many, many states. And let’s not forget that the budget STILL hasn’t been settled, so funds could still be eliminated. Our work is certainly not done. Let’s make sure that we continue to support women!

Lovers/Haters: No sex and yes to birth control

4 Mar

I apologize for not keeping up on my posts about lovers and haters – I promise to make these posts a more common occurrence (dare I say weekly?). This week’s Lovers/Haters go to:

Haters: Brigham Young University

BYU stands by call to dismiss star athlete for ‘honor code’ violation

I’ll be honest – I somewhat understand where they’re coming from. Those are the university’s ideals and Davies knew that when he agreed to attend the school. That being said, premarital sex does not mean promiscuity – sorry to break your idyllic, narrow-minded bubble, religious right. Beyond the issue of the right of people to choose when they’re ready for sex, this does not need to be a public affair, but kicking a star player off the team creates a public affair.

Although I must say, it’s nice to hear a story about an athlete that doesn’t involve rape (sorry, Davies).

Lovers: David Catania

Catania bill seeks to provide birth-control pills over-the-counter

I’m a biiiiig fan of this man right now. A.D.C. Council member David Catania introduced a bill to the Council that pushes for access to birth control OTC. That’s right, no more pesky (read: expensive) visits to the doctor to get our pills. Chances are, if we’re getting birth control, we’re not stupid about our sexuality. Catania trusts women to know what they’re doing. We know the risks. I would suggest that first-timers should maybe see a doctor, since many of them are young women who could benefit from more repro health knowledge, but overall, we don’t need that.

“At this point, in this city, it’s already a challenge for many women in underserved communities to get the appointments and then find a pharmacy,” he said. “I think it’s a way to expand access to contraception and to conserve valuable resources.”

Amen, brother. And I thank you!

Lovers and Haters of the Day

28 Jan

I like to post really offensive comments occasionally, not to upset people, but to show how far we have to go. The article (which is great) talks about supporting repro rights in Maine: Feel free to read the article and definitely feel free to comment on the comments!

First, the offensive comment by EJParsons: Just wow.

“Reproductive rights = the right to reproduce; not the right to terminate the life of an unborn child.”

So I exist not to have my own life – because that would be ludicrous – but to birth ’em out. How exciting.

Thank God people like HankWilliams exists to contradict:

“I am seriously tired of those who would paint this complex issue in black and white. A society that seeks to deprive women of control over the reproductive process is a society in which women are second-class citizens. It stretches scientific and philosophic credulity to assign full human rights to a zygote immediately after conception. It’s also problematic to deny the humanity of an eighth-month fetus (though late-term abortions are a tiny percentage of all abortions and are usually done for medical reasons, like saving the life of the mother). For a good, balanced, thoughtful treatment of the subject, I suggest the chapter on abortion in Carl Sagan’s last book, Billions and Billions, published after his death in 1996. Humans will likely be debating this subject a thousand years from now. But spare me the “evil” and “murderer” rhetoric. It does nothing but reveal your own ignorance.”

I fully agree with Hank’s comment. I’m a hardcore pro-choicer, but I understand that people view fetuses differently. There is a very gray line on when that fetus becomes a child and I don’t think anybody has the answer to that. But shoving your opinion down everyone’s throats instead of being willing to have an open conversation about it is NOT the answer, I know that much.