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Lovers/Haters: Toronto SlutWalk

8 Apr

Today our Lovers/Haters are related. First, the Hater.

Hater: Const. Michael Sanguinetti

This member of the Toronto Police force had the audacity to speak out loud what many rape victims face every day – he blamed the rape victims at York University for dressing too provocatively. To quote, Sanguinetti said, “Women should avoid dressing like sluts in order not to be victimized.” Yes, I raged at that comment like any intelligent woman would. The best (read: worst) part? Sanguinetti admitted before saying it that he was told not to say that. How stupid is this guy? The REAL best part was the outpouring retaliation that has come to play as a result…

Lovers: Toronto SlutWalk

SlutWalk is an amazing march that started as a result of our hater’s comments. The march was designed to draw attention to the slut terminology, how women are viewed, and rape culture in general. Students and staff of York University and others in the community are demanding an apology and punishment for dumbass Sanguinetti for his actions. Protesters are also stressing the importance of sexual assault training for police force so that cops are better able to handle any situations appropriately.  I particularly love seeing the signs in some of the photos shown, such as:

Seriously, can we start a SlutWalk here??

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(this sociological article discusses the usage of the word “slut” and the protest in general – very interesting!)


Lovers/Haters: No sex and yes to birth control

4 Mar

I apologize for not keeping up on my posts about lovers and haters – I promise to make these posts a more common occurrence (dare I say weekly?). This week’s Lovers/Haters go to:

Haters: Brigham Young University

BYU stands by call to dismiss star athlete for ‘honor code’ violation

I’ll be honest – I somewhat understand where they’re coming from. Those are the university’s ideals and Davies knew that when he agreed to attend the school. That being said, premarital sex does not mean promiscuity – sorry to break your idyllic, narrow-minded bubble, religious right. Beyond the issue of the right of people to choose when they’re ready for sex, this does not need to be a public affair, but kicking a star player off the team creates a public affair.

Although I must say, it’s nice to hear a story about an athlete that doesn’t involve rape (sorry, Davies).

Lovers: David Catania

Catania bill seeks to provide birth-control pills over-the-counter

I’m a biiiiig fan of this man right now. A.D.C. Council member David Catania introduced a bill to the Council that pushes for access to birth control OTC. That’s right, no more pesky (read: expensive) visits to the doctor to get our pills. Chances are, if we’re getting birth control, we’re not stupid about our sexuality. Catania trusts women to know what they’re doing. We know the risks. I would suggest that first-timers should maybe see a doctor, since many of them are young women who could benefit from more repro health knowledge, but overall, we don’t need that.

“At this point, in this city, it’s already a challenge for many women in underserved communities to get the appointments and then find a pharmacy,” he said. “I think it’s a way to expand access to contraception and to conserve valuable resources.”

Amen, brother. And I thank you!

Wait honey, I need to sign this contract first…

4 Apr

Just wow on this one. An article by states that apparently in an independent state of Australia, women should sign a contract before having sex. Huh? What? Why is this? Ohhh, read on…

An Independent state MP has suggested women should sign a contract before having sex in order to prevent men being subject to false rape allegations, News Limited has reported.

In a response to proposed laws making it an offence to continue a sex act with a person who changes their mind about consent, South Australian MP Ann Bressington suggested to Parliament men should carry a sex contract to prevent being accused of rape.

Are you f’ing KIDDING me??? As if it’s not hard enough for women to come forward about being raped, now they have to sign a contract before sex because people think they’re lying??!

Ann Brennington states, “This Bill makes men guilty until proven innocent and they will have no defence.” Okay then, Ann, what are you doing to protect innocent women from being raped??? I agree that people who “cry rape” have absolutely no excuse and are ruining the judicial system for those who actually are violated, and yes, this needs to end somehow…but you’re putting ALL of the blame and fault on the woman and that’s just not right. Worse than that, you’re making it even harder for someone who truly WAS raped to come forward about it. Remember, peeps, 1 in 4 women are raped and only 16% of these rapes get reported – check out possible reasons why women don’t report rape in this undeniably real and honest blog post.

Women are already:
– Subjected to painful rape kits
– Further harassment by the rapist and their supporters
– Mocking by strangers and trusted ones alike
– “Questions” that are more like accusations by police and others

…and by the time it’s all over, they find out the police don’t believe them. Cause we needed another reason to worry.

The ONE good thing about this is that it’s somewhat two-fold…men without a signed contract could be charged with sexual assault. But considering the amount of cases that actually get anywhere now…well, let’s not hold our breath on that one.