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Tip of the Hat to Stephen Colbert

31 Mar

Stephen Colbert made my morning. His latest sarcasm was directed at morons in New Hampshire, terrorists, and South Dakota jackasses! And may I just say – it was absolutely brilliant. I apologize that it wouldn’t embed entirely.

“Everybody knows abortions are a classic impulse buy.”


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Had a miscarriage? Death for you!

7 Mar

Rep. Bobby Franklin, a Georgia lawmaker (somehow), is actually stating that women who have a miscarriage are not only legally responsible, This isn’t the first time this kind of bill has come about, either – a similar bill failed in Utah a few years ago! This bill would also turn over Roe V. Wade in Georgia. This is the same man who tried to change rape victims to “accusers” last year.

How the hell is this guy getting elected?!?!? Seriously, what is going on in this country? Are we living in the 1700s? It’s sure starting to feel that way.

Read more: http://www.digitaljournal.com/article/304268

That’s it – no more abortion!

5 Mar

This sums up our country perfectly!

Many thanks to Campus Progress for posting! http://campusprogress.org/articles/household_abortion/

I stand with Planned Parenthood

25 Feb

I stand with Planned Parenthood because they were one of the first organizations that had absolutely zero judgment about a poor female student in her early 20s who wanted birth control, who didn’t have a steady boyfriend but wanted to be cautious, who wanted to explore her sexuality without worrying about pregnancy issues. A couple of years down the road, the nurse asked if I wanted any Plan B pills (which can cost anywhere between $30-60 for one pack) when I picked up my birth control pills and she didn’t blink when I decided it would be smart to have some on hand and said yes.

I have always been treated with the utmost respect at Planned Parenthood, and it is obvious that it’s because they trust me as a woman to know what is best for me reproductively. I know that if I ever became pregnant and didn’t want to continue with the pregnancy, they would offer a safe, judge-free option. I know that if I never become pregnant, they offer that space to other women. I know that beyond abortion rights, they offer free or inexpensive birth control and education to allow women to make smart choices about their bodies.

I stand with Planned Parenthood because they believe in women.

Lisa Edelstein and MoveOn create repro rights ad

16 Feb

In a bold move, Lisa Edelstein teamed up with repro rights champions MoveOn.org to create an ad about abortion and women’s rights. Lisa narrates about the multiple attacks on women’s rights while she walks down a hallway. I particularly like this line: “So when the Republican Party launched an all out assault on women’s health, pushing bills to limit access to vital services, why is the GOP trying to send women back … to the back alley?” The ad ends with her opening the door to a coat hanger.

Check out the video: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/2011/02/16/house-actress-lisa-edelst_n_823972.html?ir=Politics

I like this ad because it screams honesty. Women who are considering an abortion are not heartless, cruel people who do this every so often. They’re women who understand that they have – and deserve! – options. They’re scared, not only because it’s a medical procedure, but because they know uncaring people will shame them for the choice they have every right to make. Most of all, this ad is right – that’s an option that we will drive women back to if the anti-choicers who “respect life” win.

Right to speak?

7 Feb

Clearly I’m a pro-choicer – if you haven’t gotten that by now, you haven’t been reading this blog. I have to say, though, that I believe that everyone is entitled to their own opinions – I mean, that’s one of the guiding principles of the pro-choice movement. You can perhaps understand my mixed emotions, therefore, when I read that Carleton University banned anti-choice clubs. It should be noted immediately that this is not the first school to ban anti-choice clubs, but for some reason (perhaps because of the heated political wars going on), it’s getting a fair amount of press.

In case you’re wondering if this is just another one of those media attempts to blow everything out of proportion, here’s the language:

The Carleton anti-abortion club was told their constitution conflicts with the association’s discrimination on campus policy. That policy reads: “any campaign, distribution, solicitation, lobbying effort, display, event etc. that seeks to limit or remove a woman’s right to choose her options in the case of pregnancy will not be supported.”

I can’t lie – language like that makes me incredibly happy. It makes me wish I lived in Canada. The problem I have with it is that it isn’t fair. As I said before, everyone is entitled to their own opinions, even if I don’t agree with them. It does bring in elements of freedom of speech, which, granted, is an American law and this is happening in Canada.

That being said, here’s where my mixed emotions come into play. How many times have anti-choice groups taunted/hurt/abused/ridiculed/SHOT people who dare to disagree with their beliefs? These club members may not be violent, but you have to admit that there’s a bonafide reason for this ban. Not only that, I have personally dealt with a conservative college administration who would allow all sorts of anti-choice rhetoric, but would not allow a women’s rights group to conduct all of the activities of V-Day, stating that some of them were “lewd” – which was bullshit.

I don’t know how I feel about this. Part of me feels justified, part of me feels ashamed for thinking that. What are your thoughts on the ban?

Lovers and Haters of the Day

28 Jan

I like to post really offensive comments occasionally, not to upset people, but to show how far we have to go. The article (which is great) talks about supporting repro rights in Maine: http://new.bangordailynews.com/2011/01/27/opinion/supporting-reproductive-rights-of-maine-women/ Feel free to read the article and definitely feel free to comment on the comments!

First, the offensive comment by EJParsons: Just wow.

“Reproductive rights = the right to reproduce; not the right to terminate the life of an unborn child.”

So I exist not to have my own life – because that would be ludicrous – but to birth ’em out. How exciting.

Thank God people like HankWilliams exists to contradict:

“I am seriously tired of those who would paint this complex issue in black and white. A society that seeks to deprive women of control over the reproductive process is a society in which women are second-class citizens. It stretches scientific and philosophic credulity to assign full human rights to a zygote immediately after conception. It’s also problematic to deny the humanity of an eighth-month fetus (though late-term abortions are a tiny percentage of all abortions and are usually done for medical reasons, like saving the life of the mother). For a good, balanced, thoughtful treatment of the subject, I suggest the chapter on abortion in Carl Sagan’s last book, Billions and Billions, published after his death in 1996. Humans will likely be debating this subject a thousand years from now. But spare me the “evil” and “murderer” rhetoric. It does nothing but reveal your own ignorance.”

I fully agree with Hank’s comment. I’m a hardcore pro-choicer, but I understand that people view fetuses differently. There is a very gray line on when that fetus becomes a child and I don’t think anybody has the answer to that. But shoving your opinion down everyone’s throats instead of being willing to have an open conversation about it is NOT the answer, I know that much.